Friday, March 6, 2009

Stamp TV Friday Potluck Challenge

You know that old song that goes, "Mama said there'd be days like this," well - I'm afraid today will be one of those days. The alarm went off this morning, so I climb out of bed to hit the ole snooze button. Well... I didn't make it. Somehow - my entire right leg was asleep. I hit the floor HARD on my back. I'm not real sure what exactly happened. Reynold jumped out of bed, "Honey, are you ok? What the heck happened?"
"Um, I don't know. My leg is asleep." He was fumbling around with the alarm. "What are you doing?"
"Fixing the alarm to go off in 10 more minutes."
"DUDE, would you help me up?"
"You were talking in your sleep too!" he said.
"What? What did I say?"
"You said that we needed to make somebody do something. The person's name started with a G or something."
I've spent the rest of my morning alternately groaning and giggling. Groaning because I have TWO SKINNED KNEES and a sore/skinned elbow too! Giggling because it's just so darn weird!

Anyhow... on to the pretty card and challenge stuff !

I saw this challenge last Friday, and sadly, I'm just now blogging it - it was one that you could load on a website, so I didn't have to do immediate blog :) .

I read about this challenge on this awesome blog! The point is to do a silhouette-ish stamp, and split it into "scenes" to highlight the stamp. I was thinking in my head to try to split a scene and do a highlight of seasons, but I didn't have one stamp I could split that way. So... I decided to just do a flower.

Then of course I spent some time at Stamp TV and put together this simple card. I apologize once again for the quality of the photo. I'm in the process of building a light box to take photos with/in, but it's not finished yet. Also, this card had some bling on it and I didn't want to lose that sparkle by scanning the card.

The pink floral paper and the speckled cardstock (that I stamped on) are both from The Angel Company. The greens are bazzill. The little jewels and the ribbon came from Michael's, but I have no idea which company - I'm thinking the jewels might be paper studio. Which is like the stamp set itself... I bought this stamp long before I realized it was important to know which company designed the stuff. So all the identifying marks on the packaging are long gone. I colored in the flower with my copics, and because of my horrible photography, you can't tell that (in person) the color of the flower matches the pink paper and pink ribbon nicely. That was achieved by 'scraping' the RV21 marker onto the R00 marker to get a mix of the two colors and blending them together to get the right shade of pink. The stem is BG93, and the center is E33.

My photo is also on the STAMP TV website here.

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Lisa T said...

LOL! Poor thing. I hope your knees heal quickly. How funny that you were saying in your sleep that you needed to make something. I think we have become challenge obsessed. ;-)