Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flowery Frame

Hi everyone! Happy rainy Sunday. (FYI - this post was scheduled to appear at 8am sunday morning... but blogger hates me lately and I just realized it didn't roll at 10pm. lovely.)

I started this frame some time ago, but couldn't decide quite how to finish it. Finally, I thought of this adorable ribbonyfibery stuff that the lovely LOU sent me. So I added a strip of it, then a big pretty prima with a button. In the button I tied a bit of gold thread, then separated out the pieces to make it a floofy bow. It holds a 4x6 photo and the entire frame is made of MDF, it is about 8x10. Easy peasy. I've also made a couple other things, but I can't post them here yet, they're for the FUNKY FAIRY (hey, go shopping) and I can't post them here until she signs off and posts them there.


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Jenny said...

Very pretty Diana! Blogger has been a bit off for me too so it isn't just you!! :)