Monday, June 22, 2009

Just for FUN!

It doesn't happen too often that I get so excited I feel required, compelled, obligated, desperate to make something with a new acquisition...

It happened yesterday! I got home from the weekend at my parents' and checked the mail. I had a wonderful wonderful package of goodies from my friend in England, LOU! It was really neat to see the different kinds of embellishments she'd sent. Some I've never seen before - so much fun. Also, even though I'm a team member for Funky Fairy - I didn't know there were any actual "rubber" (polymer in this case) stamps! Well, now I know and I could NOT have been more excited.
So, after I got unpacked and the kids settled and the laundry moved around and dinner finished and the kids bathed and in bed... I decided to make a 1 layer card with one of the amazing stamp sets I got. Go shop at the FUNKY FAIRY now and see what kind of awesome goodies I get to work with on their DT.
Anyhow... I masked the inside square and inked around the edges. Then I stamped the car, then I drew in the road with a black pen. I colored the car and grass and road with copics. Then I used some BLINGZ to the flower centers, and a silver gel pen to get that chrome-y look. I used some colorbox fluid chalk pads to sponge the sky and the sun. Then stamped on my sentiment over the top.
Badabing! A cute cute 1 layer card with a fun new goodie!
Enjoy, in SPITE of the fact that it's another Monday (after all, we have them regularly - we should get used to it!)


Cindy Haffner said...

What a fun card, super job.

Saskia said...

Lovely card!!! So sweet and unique!!

Saskia :)

Lilian said...

Sweet and fun card! I can only imagine your excitedment on playing with your new goodies! It's really great to do cards the way we want and how we want to - as that's the way this hobby should be :) Thanks for leaving a great comment on my blog - it made my day : Have a great day!

LuLu said...

Fab card Diana and so pleased the goodies arrived safely. The stamp sets are nolonger on sale so you have definitely got limited edition stamps, therefore the cards you make will not be like everyone elses! Originial works of art.

Sorry not been about much . . . loads of DT stuff to do for Polka Doodles and the up & coming TV show Nikky (Da Boss) will be doing shortly.

Take care,