Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black & White

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a card using ONLY black and white (and possibly gray)??

VERY! You can find the challenge on THIS blog. It was a sketch and a requirement to use ONLY ONLY black & white, or greyscale.
I don't have a whole bunch of TGF stamps (darn that budget) so that made it even harder. I couldn't use any of the people - no colors allowed, I figured that included "skin white" too... So, I decided to use one of the cupcake stamps from the Suzie Surprise set I got recently. I chose this cupcake since the stamp had a blacked out cupcake wrapper on the bottom - that way I wouldn't even be tempted to color it in with another color!! I used some white puffy paint to "color" the "icing" part of the cupcakes. I layered white and black papertrey papers, added a stripey ribbon and my matted sentiment...
This card looks super simple to me, but in reality, it was a long time coming. I spent a lot of time thinking about black and white and how on earth I could do something pretty, something that might do justice to the cute TGF stamps... the cupcakes are the only thing I could come up with. After a glance in the gallery for this challenge (check it HERE if you wanna) and I saw some impressive things by other people. I guess I think too literally or something... anyhow... I'm also convinced after looking through the gallery that this is one more goodie bag that won't show up in my mailbox. Sigh. Something to work toward I suppose.
~enjoy ... well... find something or other and then by golly, enjoy IT :P


Jaspere said...

Trust me I know. Yours turned out great.

Cindy Haffner said...

Yes it looks good, I had trouble with mine too.

Anonymous said...

Great card, if you have anymore B&W cards consider sending them to vamp stamp news, a monthy print stamp publication, they are always looking for black and white and you can send them a high qualiy pic of the card instead of mailing off the actual card. Deets on their website!

Risa said...

Your card is very pretty Diana! Some of these color challenges can be difficult, but you pulled this one off! Great job!