Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wedding Album p1

Well - I'm working on a scrapbook for my sister and her husband... their wedding album. This is the first page!

The wedding was actually October 2007. So, I'm a little late getting this project done. HOWEVER! In my defense, I thought Angie was going to work on this one herself. She asked me to put an album together as her Christmas gift ... I asked if she'd send me the pictures she wanted in there - eventually she said to just use my best judgement. So, I've been sorting through the 800+ photos (on 2 discs) trying to figure out which pictures to print, which to scrapbook, which to put on what page, how many to put on each page, blah blah.

I've got most of the album sketched out. There are a few pages where I'm afraid I've chosen more pictures than will fit nicely on a 2 page layout... so I have to decide what to do with those. I also have to get all the pictures printed out. I'm thinking about printing the pictures and taking everything to the crop with me next weekend (April 11th). Whatever I do, my goal is to finish the album before I go to Florida later this month. (that way, my cheap self won't have to pay to ship the book)

This page was inspired by a sketch on stamptv. The stamps down along the bottom - I think I was *supposed* to stamp on colored paper and cut them out, but I didn't realize that until I was submitting it... I didn't want to start over -- I was pleased with how it turned out!

Details-- I printed the photo as a 5x7. The dark maroony-red cardstock was in my cardstock drawer, I have no idea on the company. The blue velvet ribbon was in the stash - I'm sure it came from the dollar bin at Michaels like 90% of my ribbon. The awesome lovely vellum quotes came out of these neato vellum quote stacks I bought off of QVC a couple years ago. The stamps are from a stamp co -- Scenic Route. The little brass flower brads are ones I picked up from Oriental Trading Company. The flowers are inked with colors from the Whispers ink caddy I've had for a long time... I didn't think to write down which colors I used.


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Danni said...

What a pretty page!! You did a great job!