Friday, April 10, 2009

Lilly's Got Presents!

Okay, tell me now - do you think my picture quality is finally getting better?

**Warning** there's a long story about my light box below - if you don't want to read it, scroll down past the looooong paragraph and I'll tell you about this adorable card!

There will be some older posts that I've got scheduled to appear off and on (and while the kids and I are off to Florida - where I will be *GASP* without a computer) that still have some of my old not as good photos, but seriously, I think I finally have this light box thing whipped. It has taken a while. Reynold built the thing for me out of PVC pipe. We got some of the new swirly light bulbs (60 watt) and he got me some sheer material to drape around the thing. I had some cream colored fabric that I put in there, but it seemed to wash everything yellowy. I also had to take it apart and put it together each and every time I wanted to take a picture. Plus, I had to iron the fabric and everything else. Reynold said, why don't you hang the material over the curtain rod on our bathtub? (I should point out here, in our master bathroom, there's a big jetted garden tub. However, some form of mold formed in the jetty part and I'm allergic to it - so I can no longer take a bubbly bath in there... so the bathtub was being used to store - yep, the "family" packs of toilet paper.) AHA! So, I convinced Reynold to cut me a piece of wood to lay over the bathtub, put the pvc pipe "box" on top, sewed the sheer material so it would fit over the box. I put the swirly bulbs in lamps and leaned them on boxes so the light would shine right in the sides. Then I (permanently) borrowed an adjustable work light from the garage and hooked it on the front to shine right on the inside. Just yesterday I found some vinyl-ish white material at walmart. I laid it in there, set my white balance, and ta-da! I think I finally will be taking some better pictures.

Okay, now, about this cutie Lilly! This is another digi-stamp from grab-a-doodle-do ~ from the Lilly set. I LOVED the sketch that MOJO had this week, and -to me at least - this seemed springy (see this blog). I colored Miss Lilly with my copics. I paper pieced the present with PaperTrey paper and TAC stamps. Instead of the scalloped circle in the sketch, I put together three flowers that I thought matched my paper quite well and topped them with a dew drop. I *FINALLY* got to use some of my paisley ribbon! (Ask anyone who knows me about my problem with paisley, and the color brown...) The background paper is from We R Memory keepers, the cardstock is all PaperTrey. I didn't photograph the inside of the card, it was boring... I just stamped "for you" over and over around the outside of a piece of white cardstock that I adhered to the black card base. Hmm... I think that's it.



Randee E said...

I think the lighting looks GREAT! I need to build one of thoose too. I'm tired of waiting until daylight to take a picture! Love the carrd. That little girls is cute. SO how many images do you get when you order? I haven't done digi-imagges before. You can resize them. But do you keep them forever? Have a GREAT trip!

Lisa T said...

Great card! I especially love that black background paper!!! ANd, yes, your photographs are much better. :-) Lookin' good!