Sunday, March 29, 2009

TCP Challenge

This week's challenge was posted here. It was a sketch challenge.

And please don't tell on me, but I got so darn excited about the sketch and the card idea that immediately came to mind --- I didn't even think to use the right stamp co.! Anyhow.... the sketch had that long panel for the focal image, and my brand new MFT set with Mr. Flopsy and his stuck tight carrots jumped into my head.

I started with t he piece of paper just a little larger than I planned for it to end up (that way stuff could run right to the edge and fill up the piece - and the edges would be crisp from the new trim). Then I masked to get the little scene. Directions as follow:

1. I stamped the image on a piece of scratch paper - then I cut out around Flopsy. (depending on your image, you may be able to do a quick messy cut, or you might have to be very detailed an precise. Also, keep BOTH pieces of paper - you might want to mask off different parts of your image for a different project later - keeping these pieces with your stamp set will save you time later)

2. I did a quick clean on my stamp and did a test stamp (WITH NO INK) on a piece of paper to make sure there was no stray ink - make sure you're not leaving any ghost/light images.

3. The main masking part can be done 2 ways - try both and see what works for you. (Also, one might work better in some situations than others.)

a. Take your cut out part (in my case, the part I DID NOT want to stamp was Flopsy) and tape it right on top of the stamp - lined up with the part you don't want ink on. I run the tape long and tape it around my acrylic block - fold the end under for easy removal later ;) After you ink up the stamp REMOVE THE SCRATCH PAPER MASK!!!, then stamp. ---- now when I stamp, I've only got ink on the spots I want!

b. Place your "mask" (the cut out part) and put it on your blank paper where you're going to stamp. After you ink up your stamp, CAREFULLY place it over the mask and stamp - and the mask will "catch" the ink you don't want in your "final" image.

*** I sure hope that made sense! ***

So, I masked, then I colored with copics, then found some greens that matched.... and added the buttons. Lovely CARROT buttons from Oriental Trading Co.

I think that's all... enjoy!



Tracey said...

A fantastic card Diana! Love Flopsey!

Leigh O'Brien said...

Oh-so-cute, Diana....well who could resist new Flopsy, right!? Thanks for playing along with the sketch...great card!