Thursday, March 12, 2009

Susana's Team Try-Out

Another lovely lady is searching for help on the design team. I don't have any of her stamps yet, but they are on my "to buy" list, for sure! Check out her blog here, and her store here.

I thought of this idea when I saw this little girl - one of the Pink Cat designs. I thought she would be so cute peeking out a window. Then I got some flowers from my gal Lisa, and I thought what could be cuter than having a windowbox full of flowers below the little sweetie!

These are prima flowers. The cardstock is papertrey. I drew the lines on the "house" myself (it's supposed to be that cute scalloped siding).

I cut out the window. I then cut a windowframe out of white cardstock a little bigger on the outside, and a little smaller on the inside than the hole in the card. I attached the brown for the 'wood' and I also glued on a small piece of acetate for my window glass. I attached little Lily between the windowsill and the cardstock so she would be more secure. The flowerbox - I ran just a tiny bit on the scor-pal to give it a little fold and glued that down, the put pop-dots under the top edge so it would stick out (and inked the edges with creamy brown colorbox fluid chalk).
Then I put the little prima flowers on glue dots so they'd be adhesive all the way on the bottom and stick to the edges so they'd appear to be flat on top of the flowerbox - like they would in real life.

(**HINT** after everything was stuck down good and I was happy with placement, I put a little baby powder on the exposed adhesive so that it wouldn't be sticky and get messed up in any way.)

Sweet Lily was "thinking of you" so I put it in a little thought bubble over her head.

Oh, and an apology for my photography skills again. I still don't have the hang of my new light box. I took three photos to hopefully show you all the "angles" there are.

I hope you enjoy!

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Lisa T said...

Oh Diana, it is ADORABLE! I love the lines on the house. They do look lik siding. Wow, that's awesome. Great job! I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers. :-)