Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm such a bum

I have been a total chump lately with the posting! I did so good last week, then went away for a 3 day weekend ... and fell right off my wagon! We got home Monday afternoon and here I'm just getting something posted WEDNESDAY morning.

I was getting some things organized and planning out my next few projects. At least that is my crafty excuse... I also had some shopping to do with the kids, some Wii playing, some laundry, and a little bit of farm town. There must have been other things because that doesn't seem like much. Hmmm.

Anyhow... deets on this card.
Papers -
Stamp - Bella, from the ketto line, and I'm not awake enough to remember or have the energy to look up her name (oh and the thanks is from a stampendous Changito monkey set)
Ribbon - I'm pretty sure that's a dollar bin find.
Flowers - prima
Dewdrops from robin's nest

I used the dotted paper for the background, pasted a partial piece with the flourishy thingies on the bottom. I liked having the bit of orange separate the papers, but I decided that wasn't enough, so I added the ribbon and bow. I thought the ribbon color complimented both the background papers and the green/blue dotty paper used in the mat. I colored with copics, then added bling on the wings and the hair flowers. I used one nestie set for the image and mat and a different set for the sentiment stamp. I also added some blingzz dots on the sentiment.

I think them's the 'portant facts. You know, I notice after spending a few days with my kids I start talking like they do. Supposed (like, 'I was supposed to clean my room...') becomes "aposd" and pretend becomes attend. This is why adults must constantly correct kids' grammar and pronounciation. It seems like not a big deal, and it's so DURN cute - but it is one of those things that just snowballs. Some days kids can be so frustrating, but we're the grownups. We have to help them grow up right. Talking back, talking weird, bullying, throwing fits... you have to nip it all in the bud at the start. You have to be vigilant, even if it seems like you are being mean and carping at the kids. It is hard work, but it is our responsibility as parents, as care-takers, as grown-ups, as responsible humans, to make an effort to help the next generation. Whew. You get my point. Let me just step down off my soap box and say --

enjoy (the kids in your life!)


Risa said...

Hi Diana,
Your card is very pretty! Beautiful image and the sparkle is awesome!

Tracey said...

Such a pretty card Diana!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh way to cute

Anonymous said...

Very nice Diana, don't beat yourself up about the daily posting, enjoy the time with the kids, you won't get it back!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Very sweet and elegant looking with all that pretty designer paper. Love that bow!

Erin Smetak said...

Hey Diana! Beautiful card!!!! And don't worry, because I came back from vacation and only made 1 card this week! No big deal! We can be bums together!

I hear you on the kid thing! I feel like all I do is correct and discipline my kids! But, when they are out in public, they are very well behaved. So, I know that I'm doing something right! Keep at it, girl! When your kids are successful adults, you can pat yourself on the back and know that you did a great job of raising great kids!
But, you are so right when you say enjoy your kids! Because in the blink of an eye, they will be annoying teenagers!!! AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! LOL!

PS: Send me your email so we can talk! Talking through blog comments just doesn't cut it!!!! :)

Cheri said...

It's so pretty.

Check out the award i left you on my blog.