Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh my...

Baby is all growed up!

Sorry I haven't posted much the last couple days... We've been getting ready for Cameron to start school. I wanted to take pictures of him getting on the bus for the first time, but it was pouring down rain this morning.
I went to his babysitter's house this morning to hang out so I could take pictures of Cameron getting on the bus his first day of school. We were standing at the back door - looking at the corner where the bus was supposed to pick him up. The bus comes into view... and doesn't stop. Cameron goes running and the bus doesn't even seem to be slowing down! So, I run out into the run following Cameron - splashing through the rain... finally the bus stopped. Cameron just climbed right up the steps. Didn't even hardly say good-bye or anything... just climbed right up on the bus and then the bus took off. I really wanted to say something to the bus driver, but I didn't know what to say - plus, I didn't want to embarrass Cameron in front of the other kids.
I am hoping that everything is going well today, but I'm dying to know how everything is going. I also want to ask for the teacher's email address so that I can talk to her about Cameron, BUT I don't want to seem like a crazy/creepy/annoying mama.
So... that's my story! I promise to get back to work and have some fun pretties for you tomorrow!
enjoy your monday


Randee E said...

O.K. quick question - why is he starting school when everyone else is getting out for summer break?

Cindy Haffner said...

He is so handsome!!!

Erin Smetak said...

What a cutie!!! You grow great kids, Diana!

How come he's going to school now? I had to look at the date to make sure I hadn't skipped to last September!

How've you been, otherwise?

Risa said...

Very beautiful picture of your son Diana! TFS!!!