Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hi - Just a Bit

Funky Fairy Card!! All created using the Just A Bit kit.

To make this card, I pritned out green and blue and used them to create a scene. Then I printed out the tree, then the "leaves" of the tree, then the bird. I printed out the bird in 3 different sizes. I did a silhouette cut on all of these items, and on 2 of the birds, only trimmed out the "wings" - flower and leaves so I could pop them out and roll them a little for dimension. This awesome set also includes a bunch of alphabets. If you print them out on a full sheet of regular carstock 8.5x11, you can use a 1 inch punch to trim the letter circles out exactly. I printed mine out slighty smaller so I could have the white rim for a mat without having to do an extra (larger) layer. I *LOVE* it when these kits have literally everything you need all included. The image, the extras, the alphabet, everything all coordinated! All you have to do is print, trim, and glue! But, you still hold plenty of creative power deciding how big or how small or where you want everything.

Just do yourself a favor and go shopping at FUNKY FAIRY right about... NOW!

enjoy your weekend

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