Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Again!

GASP... I am finally home. It feels like it has been AGES since I got to sit at a computer and just pay attention to it for a month. It has really only been about 9 days. The kids and I left on Friday and just got back Saturday around 6. My last load of laundry was dry at about 12:30 am, and my whole suitcase was full of clean clothes. Luckily, we had access to a washer and dryer in Florida. However, Reynold didn't do much in the way of housework while we were gone and I came home to an explosion.

I managed to sort and put away most of the clothes, but all the new aquisitions for the kids are still in a duffel bag. I have also been folding and putting away the stuff I wash as I wash it.

I figured out the *THING* you always leave behind on vacation :( While we were there, I got a new haircut. I completely loved my hair when she was done with it. And, it seemed simple enough to style. I loved the product she used and have been wanting something similar for a long time. I just grabbed a bottle. I went to pay and this little bottle was $18!! I nearly dropped it. But, I did it - it seemed worth it for such a CUTE haircut! I was able to replicate it pretty closely without a blow-dryer and a "lesser" flat iron the next day, but Saturday - I just couldn't get it right. Well, by now you've guessed what my forgotten thing was... of course, the fancy product. (Insert foul cursing...) But, I did make it home with the curl enhancer stuff that my sis sent me home with. Maybe I will be able to cute it up the curly way until I can get the slick stuff sent to me. (Insert muttered cursing...)

I have so many pictures! I thought I would attach just a couple of my favorites since I didn't have any time to make anything yet.

This first one is me with my 2 kids (the littler ones - Cameron 5 and Chloe 3) and my niece and nephew on the beach at Honeymoon Island. Not much is better than family fun at the beach!

This second one is Chloe and Cameron at the Florida Wildlife something or other. They had manatees and aligators and birds and other animals native to Florida.

This is my photogenic (and dramatic) boy showing off his "sand beard." He had an AMAZING time building a big sand castle with Uncle Tim.

This final photo is my daredevil Chloe. She had *THE* best time in Grandma and Grandpa's pool. She swam by herself (and without the float stuff - sort of). She jumped in by herself -- a whole lot -- and really wanted to do a cannonball after she saw mommy do it.

I guess that's really about it for today. I just know that it was fun, but it is extremely excellent to be home again. I'm ready to start blog hopping, challenge trolling, Design Team -ing, and most importantly -- CRAFTING -- again.


Jenny said...

Welcome back!! I missed chatting with you! Glad you had a great time on vacation. :)

Danni said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Welcome back!

Emma said...

Wow looks like you all had a fab time.
Emma x