Friday, March 20, 2009

Challenge Combination Extraordinaire!

There was a color challenge listed on stamp tv here.

There was a SHAPE card challenge listed on Hero Arts here.

My MIL needed a card for wedding, right now. (Of course, this is when they were visiting last Friday & Saturday 3/13-14)
Who could be happier than a crafty girl who has *THE* perfect excuse to make something without feeling guilty because there is company in the other room?!
So.... I pulled out the red and black paper with a pink ribbon to cover the color challenge. Then I added the flower and a See-D's stamp. Oh, and the cute little velvet brad.
I found a bell on a free clip art page and printed it on the back of my printed cardstock. I trimmed the bell out. Then I took a piece of cardstock that was taller than the bell, but a nice clean fold in it, and attached it to the top/back of the bell. I was going to try to wrap the pink ribbon all the way around, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it nicely (withthe curve) so I went ahead and trimmed it even with the edge.
Simple, and in my opinion, elegant :D

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